Maxim Vengerov - the Road to Perfection


A fragment of the documentary “Maxim Vengerov – the Road to Perfection”

Directed by: Robert Ćwikliński
Production year: 2014
Running time: 57’57”
Executiv producer: TV Vimax 
Cooperation: Towarzystwo Muzyczne im. H. Wieniawskiego w Poznaniu

"Maxim Vengerov –-the Road to Perfection" is a documentary about outstanding musician and at the same time a moving story of a boy from far Siberia who became a great virtuoso of the violin. During the conversation the artist mentions  milestones of his career and the successive stages of artistic development. Vengerov warmly tells about his masters, quotes anecdotes. His statements are interlaced with unique recordings of music performed on rehearsals and concerts as well.

Robert Ćwikliński: film director, producer of films and TV programs.