Mariusz Kruk

The documentary about Mariusz Kruk, one of the most acclaimed Polish visual artists, is based on a very personal, open and emotional conversation with the artist. In addition, cameras accompany Kruk at work. Because of the atmosphere, the props used and the recurrent staged sequences, the film story resemble art cinema. The film’s music, which provides the beat to the narrative, is an extremely important component.

The documentary was made when Mariusz Kruk returned to Poland after eight years of staying in France. At the turn of the 1990s, as one of the few Polish artists, he was highly acclaimed on the international art market. His name and accomplishments have been popular in many countries of Europe.

Kruk belongs to the elite of Polish artists whose works have been displayed at the prestigious international exhibition of world art “Documenta” in Kassel. Mariusz Kruk’s original expressiveness has been appreciated by Polish and international critics. Apart from painting, Kruk has applied other media, such as actions in space and installations, as well as literature, published in a few volumes.

Directed by: Robert Ćwikliński
Production year: 2004
Running time: 30’19”
Executive producer: TV Vimax
Producers: TVP S.A., TVP Polonia, TV Vimax


 Written and directed by
Robert Ćwikliński

Józef Możejko
Robert Ćwikliński

Miron Broda

Miron Broda

John Lurie – Fishing with John
Solar – Musica de los elementos
Jean-Philippe Goude – Ainsi de nous
St. Germain – Tourist

Music setting
Robert Ćwikliński

Narrated by
Sławomir Bajew

Text edition
Robert Ćwikliński

Translated by
Marcin Turski

Production manager
Robert Ćwikliński

Acknowledgements for making the collection available to
ABC Gallery w Poznaniu
Art & Business Club w Poznaniu
Wyższej Szkoły Nauk Humanistycznych
i Dziennikarstwa w Poznaniu

Executive producer
© 2004